The Team

The team had the opportunity to develop and open up several Willow Tree campsites in Selangor and Cherating. We will try and give you guys a fantastic camping experience (especially now the MCO is over and we can all get out to the great outdoors again.

We are inviting you to explore the website and see which campsite might suit you - and we are also looking for other sites to develop for you as well (so if you know of any fantastic places that could be a Willow Tree campsite, please WhatsApp Dennis via 016 9839715).

Our campsite philosophy is guided by these principles:

-Beautiful views and scenery
-Safety, security and cleanliness for our campers is our top priority
-We comply with all of the Covid-19 SOP's
-Service, service, service for our Campers

Some of our campsites are exclusively available for single large groups, others are shared for 1,2 or 4 smaller groups. Check out the campsite pages to see which may suit you


Our basic facilities for all campsites include:

-Bathrooms (showers and toilets)
-Solar lights
-Dining areas
-Cooking areas with double burner gas cookers (gas is provided)
-Clean water (for washing and showering but not drinking)
-BBQ Pits
-Secure Parking areas

Some sites may have more facilities but these are the basics for every site.

We are a 7 acre hilltop property in Bukit Peras Hulu Lang, with sweeping views of the mountains, valleys and amazing sunsets, only 45 minutes drive from the heart of KL.

The air is cool day and night with an average 27 degrees celsius in the day and down to lows of 20 degrees at night.

After rain, blankets of clouds lay below in the valley and beautiful mists form every morning at dawn.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via any of our contact channels below:

  +603 9021 1879 / +6016 983 9715 (WhatsApp Dennis) /